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off-set pattern repeat

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  • off-set pattern repeat

    Hi, I am making two pairs of curtains in fabric with an off-set pattern repeat. That is, where the fabric matches on the leading edge is not equal either side so there is more pattern on one edge than the other. In order for pleats to match on both curtains, one curtain has to be cut down slightly on the leading edge. Why do fabric manufacturers do this??? Although there is enough fabric on one curtain the other is short on the return!!! I don't really want a seam just before the end of the return, I am thinking that I will have to face back the returns on the right hand curtains, I can make them 6cm instead of the prefered 7cm or add banding to all the returns? Alternatively just not bother with the pattern matching on the right hand curtains which I think will not look very good. What would the members do in this situation?

    Kind Regards