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Track brackets - allowing for dado rails and architrave

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  • Track brackets - allowing for dado rails and architrave

    Hello everyone, I’m just a novice member, and would appreciate your advice please. I have architrave surrounding my windows, and dado rails butting up to it. These are both 2cms thick, so stick out from the wall 2 cms. Should I be installing longer brackets for my curtain rods, or will the standard brackets give enough clearance for my curtains? Be grateful for your help!

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    Tracey, well it depends on whether or not you need a particular projection to allow the curtains to hang without rubbing on the wall. Pinch pleats, and eyelet headings typically have part of the heading hanging behind the pole/rod. So whereas for the most part the curtain may not touch the wall, when they draw closed and come upon the 2 cms architrave they may rub. But this may not be too terrible. Can I say that I have found 'standard' bracket projections to vary. If you are supplying a new pole you should consider what the projection is and deduct the 2 cms and then see if that's enough for the heading. More and more brackets are offered as extension brackets where you can set the projection. When I supply eyelet curtains, extension brackets are my preferred option.


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      Thank you for your very helpful reply, especially helpful the info about the variations in the “standard” bracket projections, That’s great, thank you.