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To match up at the leading edges or not...

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  • To match up at the leading edges or not...

    Hi, I am very much an amateur and making these for my own home. I bought this end of line Harlequin embroidered fabric

    I am making full length curtains for patio door, and have plenty of fabric to play around with. As you will see the fabric starts with green and ends with the pink, so when they are put together as pair they will be different. Just wondering if I should cut a length off one curtain so I have the same colour on both edges, or should I just go as they are. It's making my head hurt trying to visualise what this would look like! I am using two full widths for each curtain, and as the window is not very wide so would have enough fabric to take a piece off each curtain. Plan to do a double pleat heading.


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    The leading edges won't match because of the side lays and yes, you could cut off and play with adding bits on, but to be very honest, I think you are making work for yourself unnecessarily..........a pair of full length, double pleat curtains is quite an achievement anyway for an amateur....which you say that you are. My only concern is that you could have one curtain with one colour on the pleats and the other with the other colour!!! Perhaps before you take the scissors to your fabric you should have a read about pleating to pattern. It's a tad complicated but finished effect is well worth the time taken. There are posts on this site on this and you could try The Virtual Workroom site. There is lots of advice there as well.
    Time taken and researching at this stage will ensure an end result you will be proud off.
    Ask away, there is always someone to point you in the right direction.



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      Thank you very much Enid, perhaps I am over thinking it. I guess no one else is going to know if they match or not! I will join my widths then work out measurements and take it from there. I think I will have a good bit to work with as have 4 widths for a rail which is 180cm. I think I will be able to work it so I have alternatating coloured pleats.

      I definitely am an amateur, but have always been a bit ambitious! My first project more than 30 years ago was a lined Austrian blind, along with a lovely pair of Laura Ashley curtains with a double frilled leading edge (with piping) and matching pelmet! Thankfully simpler things are now more popular. I've tried to attach a couple of pics of some curtains I have made in Designers Guild fabric. They look quite nice, but definitely lack the professional touch.


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