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Eyelet heading problem

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  • Eyelet heading problem

    Hello All

    Does anybody fix the rear of eyelet pleats so that, when the curtains are drawn closed, the folds sit at a precise distance apart and, if so, how do you do it?

    I made some beautiful curtains for a customer on an eyelet heading at her insistence, despite offering her alternatives of pin-hook, single pleats, inverted pleats, etc. I warned her before making the curtains that they would need adjusting every time she closed them but she has since been to Walcot House, where we bought the pole, who told her they sew string to the rear of each fold to ensure the distance between them is even when drawn closed. (I wasn't aware they made curtains!!) I am thinking I could tag tape to the back of the folds but wondered if anyone else did something like this as a matter of course? She seems to feel that I should do this for nothing but these are large, long curtains and will need to be taken down and away to the workshop and re-hung. I don't think I could do them in situ because of the height of the pole and accessing the rear of the curtains.


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    I think if you warned her you should charge her!
    PS - Pretty good idea mind - never thought of that - ie string or cord at the back of each fold ....
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      I don't think people do this automatically (apart from perhaps Walcot House !!!), but it can be achieved by hand sewing something like cotton india tape across the back of the curtain to set the desired spacing.

      It is discussed here

      Some of the commercial eyelet tapes have plastic clips behind to lock together after sewing it in place to create this effect, and in the USA you can get eyelets (they call them grommets) that come with a clip on the back part that you clip ball chain into for the same purpose.

      I don't think I have ever seen eyelet panels anywhere with this type of thing in place so think Walcot House are in a minority, but would be interest to see what others think. I agree with you that this should be a chargeable job as it was not specifically discussed beforehand, and you had pointed out the issue of dressing the folds to the customer.

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        Thanks for the input. I spoke to the MD of Walcot House, who was very sweet about this. She said that they don't make curtains but was just trying to find a solution for rather demanding customer. Thanks for the input. I got in touch with Rowleys asking if they would supply their linking grommets to the UK, but have not heard back. They sound perfect if one wanted to do this ... but it would have to be before putting the eyelets in. Anyway, I told the customer I would charge for doing this and she has decided to do it herself!


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          Well, that's a good outcome (I think?) No reason you should work for nothing when this feature was not discussed at the start of the curtains. Interesting response from Walcot House too!

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            Great outcome for you. Why should you work for nothing.

            You reminded me about this. It is a bit of a pain having to distribute the fullness every time you close and curtains.

            I was going to do a test and try putting tape into the eyelets when pressing them. Then the tape could be joined/tied when installing.

            Haven't got round to testing it yet but in theory it should work.