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Pinch pleat guidance needed!

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  • Pinch pleat guidance needed!

    Morning, can anyone explain to me why these pinch pleats are flaring out/drooping? Im just wondering if its because I have sewn too close to the buckrm or should I maybe sew through the buckrum to give a neater finish to the pleats? TIA, Bev

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    No, cannot give you a reason. I have a pair of LA linen on my track now, just pressed and dressed, and they are exactly the same. Double pleat as yours. When I make the channels for the pleats, I stitch 2cms longer than the buckram but still stab stitch the pleats just under the lower edge as well as at the top. I think it has a lot to do with the composition of the fabric, perhaps the type of thread , the weight of the fabric and maybe even the finished drop. As you have them stacked closely and tied, as well as the spaces pushed forward, it is much more your eye but once they are loose and hanging at your customers house, they will not seem as bad. She wont notice I am sure, but for goodness sake dont point it out!!!! Strange things that happen in the workroom, stay there. I have seen this asked on another forum, but I don't think that there was a definite answer, its just one of those things. Mind you , I too, would be interested as to why???



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      Might it make a difference where you sew your pleat stab stitches? ie sometimes I sew through the front of the pleat so that you can see the stitch (if the cotton is a good match) and sometimes I sew some stitches half way back from the pleat - right underneath the buckram so that the stitches don't show at all. Does that make sense?
      PS - sometimes I even sew down the pleat and carry on machining part way along the pleat to save on hand sewing - but that does depend on the thickness of the pleat and whether my machine will sew through all the layers. Finally (machine allowing) I sew a zigzag 0 stitch part way back, several times which again saves on time.
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        Thank you Enid and JacquiF for your responses. I did try sewing through the buckram but it made not a jot of difference and I came to the conclusion that it was to do with the composition of the fabric rather than anything I had (or had not) done! I had a look at other curtains on Instagram and facebook and the ones where the pleats stood proud did appear to be where the fabric was cotton so I decided not to be so hard on myself and accept that the curtains were fine! I am definitely my worst critic!