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What is peoples prefered interlining for LA fabric

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  • What is peoples prefered interlining for LA fabric

    I'm about to make some curtains for living room in LA Austen fabric, yes I know most people seem to hate sewing the stuff. I'll be interling them but not sure whether domette or saril would work better with it so thought id ask on the forum as I'm sure you've all used it more than me.
    ive only ever used domette in the past for interlining curtains but have used Sarille to interline roman blinds but am a tad concerned that Sarille wouldn't drape well enough with the LA fabric
    any thoughts from the experts

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    I use 180 sarille quite a lot. It is on the light side for curtains but I use a heavier lining and I find it drapes well. I also use 260 domette. It’s just a matter of choice.
    Kind regards


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      Hi Coco, thanks for your reply, went and bought a piece of domette today as didn't have any to play with and will stick with that as I prefer the way it drapes with the face fabric. I found s


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        Oops ipad playing up
        i found Sarille gave too much of a puffy look if that makes sense