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Pinch pleats for square bay

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  • Pinch pleats for square bay

    i would love some advice if possible! I have made quite a few curtains and blinds, but never pinch pleats. I’ve been asked to make a set of triple pinch pleat curtains for a friend. The window is a square bay, the sides measuring 58 cms, the main window is 254 cms. There is also an arch right in front of the bay, so they cannot extend beyond the window. The drop to the sill is 167 cms. Do you agree that there will need to be 3 widths in each curtain? Would you make four curtains of 1.5 widths? (The fabric has a 36inch pattern repeat]. But most importantly, is this a feasible project for a relatively inexperienced curtain-maker?

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    Hi Lydia

    I'd say you need 7 widths for 2.5 fullness and I'd make two curtains with 3.5 widths in each.

    With regards a feasible project for a relatively inexperienced curtain-maker - How will you ever know if you don''t have faith in your ability and do it.. Plan it all out first on paper, it's easier to have a visual.

    Good luck
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      Thank you! I’ll keep you posted!


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        Lydia, I don't think 'square bays' are more difficult than a curved bay, or splayed bay. You don't mention what the curtains are going to hang from. In some square bays there are three tracks: the center and two short separate ones. This means that hanging a pair will be limited to having the corners ( where the tracks meet at right angles) being the area where the stacks are. If there's a continuous track ( with a curve at the corners) the curtain would then stack at the extreme ends in front of the glazing. I would consider doing double pinches as you can use slightly less fullness to eliminate too much bulk in the stackback, in which case a 3width pair should be ok . BUT also be guided by the thickness and 'handle' of the fabric. You also mention the large pattern repeat, so are you worried by this as you want to 'pleat to pattern'? I have not much experience of pleating to pattern, so for me doing this is a technically difficult thing to achieve. Good luck and will you try to post a photo when you've finished the job?


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          Thank you Caroline! The curtains will hang from a continuous track, and need to stack back as much into the side as possible. So I think I’ll take your advice and make double pinch. My concern about the pattern repeat is working out the fabric requirements and the cutting of the drops. In other words, how much more fabric will I need to ensure I have enough, than if it were plain fabric, if that makes sense. The fabric is Scion Baja Forest - nice poly cotton. Thank you for your help!


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            Hello again, I just wanted to let you know that I managed to make the curtains. I followed much of them advice posted here, it worked beautifully, and I’m very happy with them! Thank you!


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              Well done Lydia, I'm glad you managed to make your curtains successfully.

              You are never alone with Mydecozo!


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                Well done, Lydia! It's very satisfying to complete a job that you have learned alot by doing. Onwards and Upwards!!!