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Multiple widths & limited space

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  • Multiple widths & limited space

    Another newbie question. ..
    I have a decent sized workroom but am currently working on very wide curtains. How on earth do you get fabric and lining to sit straight and square together when you can't lay it all out in one go? Is there some secret that I missed? I see some of you working with 5&6 widths. How??

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    How wide is your table? Are you making machine made or hand sewn? many people have a workroom table that is at least as wide as one width of fabric, it helps if its wider but not so wide that you cant reach into the middle. Once your widths are joined you can lay out the fabric to fit your table with the rest draped off the side. as you work accross your widths you can fold/concertina the sewn widths at the edge of the table. If you are machine sewing it will help to have a side table or even a chair to take the weight & minimise creasing. If you havent got enough space to 'fold' it & keep the finished widths on the table you can let the finished widths fall neatly to the floor as you work accross the widths. Hope that helps.


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      Hi Sylvan
      When making curtains of any size I prepare the fabric ie the side and the hems, then I measure the length they are going to be, mark with pins and press in a crease line. I attach buckram at this point if they are to be pinch pleat. I do the same with the lining making sure the width seams match the main fabric. I mark the length of the lining with a pencil, cut along the pencil line if the curtains are being made with tape, if pinch pleat I fold over and press the top leaving approx 2.5cm at the back and cut away excess. The lining should fit perfectly now without having to lay the fabric out flat, I hope that this makes sense.


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        Thank you. I've been having some trouble with my decozo account and have had to create a new username. I was Sylvan.