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  • Dress wave curtains

    Hi, I have a client who would like interlined wave DRESS curtains. I was going to go for 60mm glider spacing, but having read the previous thread on wave I think this may be too small as they will likely not hold their waves so well. So my question is, should I opt for the 80mm cord and 6 pocket spacing, or keep with the 7 pocket spacing as the curtains will be interlined. The track is a ceiling fix bay track and will be 3600mm long (with 2 external bends and 4 internal bends) and I was going to aim for 10 waves each curtain but I would welcome thoughts. Does anyone have any experience how this might look i.e. we don't want to scrimp on the look but client equally does not want lots surplus curtain she is never going to use. TIA, Bev

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    I would opt for the deeper spacing of 80mm and 7 pockets if the curtains are going to be interlined. This will compensate for the thickness of fabric, interlining and lining and allow the folds to form into a deeper fold.
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      Not on this topic, but I have a customer who cannot understand the need for less fullness when it is not necessary........I love the phrase ' surplus curtain that she is never going to use'.....I shall store that one for future use. Thanks.......