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Flanged cord on leading edges

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  • Flanged cord on leading edges

    Help, please! I am attaching a flanged cord to the leading edges of some curtains and I'm just not happy with the way it looks - any advice appreciated.

    The curtains are a lightweight silk and they are being lined with lofted lining only (yes, I know this isn't helping and they should be properly interlined, but as they're only dress curtains client wouldn't pay the extra). The cord is really quite thick and stiff and seems to have a natural twist (probably just the way it's made). It has a thick core and the outer layer is made up of ribbon and coloured wrapped thin cords, so they're sort of braided around each other. Does that make sense? It is Jones' Interlude flanged cord.

    My problem comes when trying to tuck the ends of the cord into the hem and top of the curtain. It's so thick that it is making a large lump and twisting the top and bottom edges out of shape.Is there any way of dealing with this?

    Feeling hopeful!

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    I wonder if you can interline the leading edges only? I did this on some dim out lined curtains & it worked well although I didnt have the added complication of the flanged cord. Can you cut out a bit of the core & flatten out the ends before inserting them? Or remove it from the flange & hand sew it on?! Sorry, none of these ideas may be workable. Hope someone with experience of this very issue pops in soon. Love to hear how it works in the end.


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      Probably not a help,but could you run the cord along the top and bottom of the curtain for a few cms and angle it into the face fabric? The top flange could be hidden with the lining and the hem could be hidden in a mock fact both could be. Not the way you would finish tops and hems but if they are dress curtains.....??????