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    I am making curtains with no pattern match as such but striped. They will have inverted pleat heading, sewn together at centre and tied back and a Roman blind behind. Three windows all the same width (one and three quarter width of fabric per curtain)in the same room and one window (two and quarter widths per curtain) in another room. As per my many previous posts these curtains are taking an age to make so one can only dream of finishing).

    My query is: should I follow the rules of curtain making, full widths at centre and cut widths at outside edges, where the stripe colours will not run in order because of the leading edge seams or should I "pattern match" the stripes at the centre,so that they run in colour order right across the window, doing it this way I will need more fabric because of the loss of material. I bought the fabric on a no pattern match basis.

    My brain tells me to match the stripes but my purse and DB is objecting.

    Hope this makes sense and any advice would stop me going bald.


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    Re: Matching stripes

    Hi Joan,
    curtains dont match vertically, only horizontally - that is the pattern running across is at the same level, but it wont 'match' on the two leading edges. If your curtains were on a track with an overlap arm, they wouldn't match.

    Just go for it!
    Kind regards
    Pen Harrison
    Colly Brook Fine Furnishings


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      Re: Matching stripes

      Hi Pen

      Of course you are absolutely right - the inverted pleats will alter the stripe rotation anyway (which I didn't think about when I laid the curtains out on the floor) all I could see was the stripes not matching at the centre.

      Many thanks a second brain was all it needed.



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        Re: Matching stripes

        another way to work with a stripe is like this....
        eg. say the stripes were diff colours, ie red blue green red blue green across one width, if you make single width curtains as normal you will end up with a red stripe on the outside edge if the left curtain and a green stripe on the outside edge of the right curtain. What you could do is turn the fabric around so that you end up with a mirror image, ie both outside edges will have the same colour.
        only works is you can turn the fabric
        Hope that makes sense