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Bordered edges in patterned fabric?

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  • Bordered edges in patterned fabric?

    I have designed italian strung curtains for a customer with bordered edges
    Top 2.5cm, Leading Edges 7cm and 30cm hem

    She has picked the James Hare Littondale Silk in two colours an ivory for the main body of the curtains and a gold for the edges. The fabric is silk with organza on top and a beautiful embroidered leaf. My original quote was for plain silk as she says she wants both fabric patterned. click on link to see fabric

    My instinct tells me that the main body of the curtain should be in the littondale and the edges could be in the gold but the plain silk which I can get in the exactly same colour as the gold littondale beacuse apart from the extra expense and thats not the main reason but the pattern will be lost in the edges. I am happy to do both main curtain and edges with the pattern but what do others think?

    Have you ever done bordered edges with a textured fabric like this
    Karen Rhodes
    Karen Rhodes Design
    Pole Design

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    Re: Bordered edges in patterned fabric?

    Hi Kare, I was having a browse and noticed this post was unanswered, so you have probably come to your own conclusions already. I would have thought that it would be better to use the plain silk for the trim it'll be easier to use for one thing. The pattern would be lost, especially at the top and I think it would look better overall.

    Hope this helps, do let us know what you decided. The fabric look fabulous by the way.