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Easy question! Pattern matching

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  • Easy question! Pattern matching

    Down here in novice land, thanks to the superb advice from those on the forum, I can now make a cushion reasonably competently.

    Now, we have started on curtains and, last night in class, we did a pattern match. Unfortunately, despite careful pinning and slipstiching, the match slipped in the odd place (although most of it is perfect). I also found that I had to redo a bit to hide a spot of selvage.

    I expect that this does not happen to you people, so how should I be doing it? I am sure that we have not been given the hints.

    Mind you, I think that a little more pressing would help for a start.

    I look forward to this information - fortunately, this is only a tiny sample curtain.


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    Re: Easy question! Pattern matching

    Take a look here for a really useful technique where you press a small hem on one edge of the fabric which allows you to pattern match to the next width. It takes a little practice to allow for the tiny bit of pattern taken up in the fold but once you have cracked it it saves a lot of time.

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