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  • Fusible Buckram Virgin Needs Help

    After about 10 years in business I am about to start the headings of four pairs in fusible buckram. The stuff I have bought is single-sided and the curtains are to be lined only. Please tell me how to use it! Which side goes against the fabric, fusible or non. I also remember someone saying they double or triple the buckram at the leading edges to make it more stiff. Do you fuse it when you put it in, or at the end. The method I use to finish the headings is to bring the face fabric over the top of the buckram, and then bring the lining up and slip stitch along the top.

    I am hoping this will be a time saver, as most of you seem to use the fusible. I was taught to use sew-in, and that what I have always used. Even when I was an outworker, this is what they supplied.

    Your advice would be much appreciated.


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    Re: Fusible Buckram Virgin Needs Help

    Hi Sue,

    The way I use it is the non fusable goes face down on the reverse of the fabric, fold over the heading flap so it touches the fusable then steam press. Glue shouldnt really touch face fabric as it can distort the face fabric and glue sometimes seeps through and marks the fabric ( I have never seen the happen even with double side fusable) I tend to bend back 6cm so it makes the ends stiffer . It makes it look more soild. Take it to the side hem and fold it back 6cm.

    The other way to avoid the hand stiching ontop of the curtain is to cut the lining to the crease of the top fold before setting in the buckram and trim off, place the double fusable buckram ontop of the lining then bring your face fabric over the top and tuck in the 2" excess, then machine your channels in, that way theres no need for hand sewing at the top ( Pip told me this tip and it does work well) but I only use this if the curtain are hung on a pole where there is sufficient deadlight to hide the face fabric. I can bear seeing face fabric on the back of curtains when looking into houses from outside, its doesnt seem right, but thats just me! This is double fusable though n ot sure how it will work with single fusable. See image below


    Hope that helps


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      Re: Fusible Buckram Virgin Needs Help

      I also dont like the fusible buckram on the face side of the curtains. I normally only use the fusible on interlined curtains, and fuse it to the interlining. If the curtains are only lined, I use sewin buckram, and lock stitch it in place along the bottom edge, using big stitches. Long winded I know, but I'm a bit sad like that! I must try using the fusible onto the lining side.

      Using extra fabric to wrap around the buckram is a good idea, but as [email protected] says, only if it wont show from outside. The other problem is that it can work out much dearer on expensive fabric.
      Kind regards
      Pen Harrison
      Colly Brook Fine Furnishings


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        Re: Fusible Buckram Virgin Needs Help

        Thanks for your help on this subject recently. With bad memories of double sided very brittle buckram, and a very sticky iron I had resisted using the stuff. I am now converted!

        Single sided with the fusible side away from the face fabric. I cannot believe how much easier and quicker this was to insert. With a wide pair of curtains I often used to find that the lining would shift but this is also fixed with the buckram and cannot move. Also the pleats are very sharp and the buckram stays put right at the top fold of the curtain. Amongst others things I have made a 7 width valance and 4 pairs over the last couple of weeks and will not be going back to sew in.

        P.S. Thanks to Philip for his advice on inserting the buckram from the centre of the curtain, not the edge. I have also started planning and pinning the pleats from the centre and I found this much easier too!