There are several people who provide an eyelet pressing service on the forum . This service is usually offered via a courier although other arrangements may be possible at suppliers discretion.

Click on the name below to be directed to their personal forum page and send a private message.

Kathy (Dorset)
Penny (Bedfordshire)
Schuhby (Nottinghamshire)
Andsewondesigns (Oxfordshire)
SuAtwal (Lincolnshire)
lizziesi (Hampshire)
Jackie (Yorkshire)
Julie Monty (Cleveland and N Yorks and Durham boundaries)
in2interiors (Ashford, Middlesex)
Tiggs (Gosport, Hampshire)
Debbie 5mm, 25mm, 40mm & 66mm available (Ipswich, Suffolk)
Julesbaby (Northamptonshire)
Julie Evans (Cumbria)
Applemoon (West Sussex)
Wendy Shorter Not a pressing service, but members can use the press on site (Hertfordshire)
ukbill (Hertfordshire)
Karen C (Wiltshire)
Charl (London)

West of Ireland

South of Ireland

Want to add your details to this service? You can do this by contacting, Philip, Louise, Tam or Kathy.