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Thread: Advice on Weights in Curtains Please

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    Advice on Weights in Curtains Please


    I am fairly new to curtain making and this is my first time using this site in search of some help please.

    I am in the process of making some cotton medium weight lined curtains (lining is black out fabric). I have been following some guidance from both a book and sources from the internet. One says to use weights in the hem and one says not to? My queries are:
    - Should i use weights in the hem?
    - If so, which curtain weights are best in this type of curtain? Penny at the corners or lead weight tape?
    - What size of weight? E.g 20grm, 100grm, etc?

    Sorry if these are stupid questions but many Thanks for your help in advance!


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    Hi, I always use weights in curtains. I use the covered weights which are available from M&D & Jones (maybe other suppliers as well). Penny weights are okay but you will have to cover them yourself. Lead weight tape is better for such things as voile curtains or the edge of swags etc.
    Warm Regards,

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    Hi Rosie

    Welcome to the forum - Penny weights at the bottom of each seam and corner is all you need, and they are necessary for a professional finish in my opinion.

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    This is where a bored 14 year old comes into her own - sewing long tubes with the overlocker, cutting them into squares with a rotary cutter, and then filling them with weights!


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    I always buy uncovered weights and cover them myself, the covered weights are three times the price of the uncovered ones.
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    Thanks very much everyone for your help!

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